Information Security Policy

     We are committed to protecting all personal data of the participants of the website in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and related legal procedures. The content of the Personal Information Privacy Policy (Privacy Page) summarizes the forms of information that our company collects through this website, how we use and manage the data. This page also refers to the benefits you enjoy related to data privacy and provides how you need to do to contact us.


  1. Purpose and scope of information collection

      What data do we collect and why?

    • –     When referring to the term “personal information”, our company wants to clarify that it is the information that our company collects from you, which can help identify you accurately. Specifically, the information includes full name / first name, address, phone number (including mobile phone number), username on the network, email address, age, gender and marital status and family and may also include more information such as shopping habits, preferences or details about the lifestyle such as activities you participate in, things you care about, etc. We assure you that our company will not intentionally collect any personal information from you when you visit our website unless you voluntarily provide information.
    • –     When you provide personal information to us through accessing this website, it means you know clearly what our company intends to exploit the data for and we have consulted your consent for the right to use.

     The specific purposes of using the information are as follows:     

      Answer your questions

    • –     In the parts where you have written personal information for the purpose of sending inquiries (for example, about the company, about the program rules, how to participate, or any service to us, we will use the data you provide for the purpose of answering your questions. In some cases, if necessary, we will share the right to use the personal data details you with other members, organizations belonging to Son Long Thuan Trading & Construction Co. Ltd, or with Data Exploitation House (defined in fourth sections below).

      Update information about Long Thuận Hotel & Resort products and promotions and discounts.

    • –     In the parts where you choose the information you want to read, we will send you information or invitations to participate in a product, and / or promotions and discounts, and / or any service of our company that we believe you are interested in. If you agree, we can use your data together or transfer it to companies that have been carefully selected, which are companies that can send you information and / or invitations to participate in a product and / or promotions and discounts, and / or any service of their company, according to the content presented specifically at the time we collect your personal data. However, at any time, you can cancel the registration of information in the selection section (“opt out of”) in the next information access times.
  1. Scope of information use

    • –     Long Thuận Hotel & Resort collects and uses your personal information for appropriate purposes and fully complies with the content of this “Privacy Policy“.
    • –     When necessary, we may use this information to contact you directly in forms such as: sending letters, orders, thank-you letters, text messages, technical and security information… 
  1. Time of information storage

    • –     Your personal data will be stored for 3 years or self-destruct when ordered by the Board of Directors. In all other cases, the personal information of members will be kept confidential on the server of Long Thuận Hotel & Resort.
  1. People or organizations that may have access to information

    • –     We will not disclose your information to third parties for their own independent business or marketing purposes without your consent.
    • –     However, we may disclose your information to legal entities and in the following cases:
    • –     Affiliated companies: Your information may be shared among the affiliates of Long Thuận Hotel & Resort to serve the necessary information about products for the affiliates.
    • –     Business partners: We may also share your information with trusted business partners, including mobile network operators. These entities may use your information to provide services that you request or if the partner has a need, we may provide the partner with promotional materials, advertisements and other materials.
    • –     Suppliers: We may also disclose your information to companies that provide services for or on our behalf, such as companies that help us pay or send emails on our behalf. These entities are restricted from using your information for purposes other than providing services for us.
    • –     The concerned parties when required by law or when necessary to protect our Services: There are cases where we have to provide your information to others:
      •      a. To comply with the law or respond to mandatory legal processes (such as search warrants or other court orders);
      •      b. To verify or enforce compliance with the policies governing our Services; and to protect the rights and obligations, property or safety of you or our affiliates, business partners or customers.
    • –     The other parties related to the company’s transactions. We may disclose your information to third parties if required by the authorities in the event of the company’s bankruptcy.
    • –     The others parties with your consent or as directed by Long Thuận Hotel & Resort. In addition to the disclosures described in this Personal Information Privacy Policy, we may share information about you with third parties when we have your consent.
  1. Address of the organizational unit that collects and manages personal information

    •      Son Long Thuan Trading & Construction Co., Ltd.
    •      107 Trần Quang Diệu, Thanh Sơn Ward, Phan Rang – Tháp Chàm City
    •      Long Thuận Hotel & Resort
    •      01 Yên Ninh, Bình Sơn Beach – Ninh Chữ, Phan Rang-Tháp Chàm City, Ninh Thuận Province
    •      Receptionist: (+84)259 220 5555 – 2220 200
    • –     In the case when our company contracts with a third party to exploit or analyze the data that we have collected from our websites, including your personal information. These providers and third parties have a binding contract that prohibits them from using your personal information for any purpose other than the purpose that our company specifies.
  1. The means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data.

    • –      Currently, the website has not implemented a personal information management page for members, so the access and editing of personal data is based on your request by the following methods:
    • –      Call the customer service hotline at 0259 2220 200 or 0259 220 5555, the receptionist will record and ask the administrator to assist you in editing the information.
    • –      Give feedback directly from the website, the administrator will check the information and contact you again to confirm the information once more and the administrator will edit the information for you.
  1. The mechanism for receiving and resolving complaints related to the personal information of customers.

    • –     When you discover that your personal information is used for the wrong purpose or scope, you can provide the information, evidence related to this issue to the following address:

Long Thuận Hotel & Resort

01 Yên Ninh, Bình Sơn Beach – Ninh Chữ, Phan Rang-Tháp Chàm City, Ninh Thuận Province

Or call the customer service hotline: (+84)259 220 5555 – 2220 200

    • –     Depending on the degree and nature of the complaint, the department/unit in charge of resolving the complaint will have specific measures to resolve it.
    • –     If through the form of agreement, the complaint of the member cannot be resolved, one of the two parties will have the right to ask the competent legal authority to intervene to ensure the legitimate interests of the parties.
  1. Commitment to protect customers’ personal information

    • –     We implement some reasonable preventive measures to keep your personal information safe, and we will require the Data Operator to do the same.
    • –     All personal information that helps identify individuals will be processed according to strict procedures to prevent unauthorized forms of processing, modifying, or using personal information for the wrong purpose. However, we may disclose your personal information in cases required by law, by research needs with a commitment to confidentiality, or by court order.
  1. Your rights

    • –     To use your personal information that you have previously agreed to;
    • –     To request the correction of the personal information that we are currently holding that is incorrect.
  1. Contact addresses

    • –     If you want to give us some opinions related to data security, or discuss the implementation form related to your legal rights, please contact us:
    • –     Phone: (+84)259 220 5555 – 2220 200
    • –     Email:

Contact us


Address Số 01 Yên Ninh, Mỹ Hải ward, Phan Rang –

Tháp Chàm city, Ninh Thuận province

Front-desk:            (+84)  259 220 5555 – 259 2220200
Business license:          Sơn Long Thuận

Trading and Construction Co., Ltd

Tax code: 4500212232
 Address:         107 Trần Quang Diệu st,

Thanh Sơn ward, Phan Rang – Tháp Chàm city, Ninh Thuận province.

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